Sentence Examples with the word to face

Pierre went with rapid steps to the door and suddenly came face to face with Prince Andrew, who came out frowning and looking old.

A starved and decimated population stood face to face with difficulties, not only on every frontier but indeed to some extent within the borders of the State itself.

Plutarch's statement that the Thirty Tyrants removed the bema so as to face the land instead of the sea is probably due to a misunderstanding.

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Shortly before starting for the Russian expedition Napoleon vainly tried to reassure the merchants and financiers of France then face to face with a sharp financial crisis.

Carmen and Alex turned to face the others as the reverend introduced Mr. and Mrs. Alex Barnett.

He turned to face the map again.

She rolled over to face him, sliding eagerly into his embrace.

He had to face the dominant fact of the situation - the aggressive pressure of Germany at a time when Russia was drifting into an internal crisis of the first magnitude and was unable to concentrate the material and moral forces required in the coming conflict.

But some catastrophe befell the fleet, and shortly afterwards Jehoshaphat's son Jehoram had to face a revolt in which Edom and the men of Libnah (the Philistines) were concerned.

Of a boss and circumferential annular channel, are placed face to face on a shaft, to which B is keyed, A being free (fig.