Sentence Examples with the word to be like

II) which seems to be meant as a commendation of the teaching of the sages in general: their words are said to be like goads (inciting to action) and like nails driven in a building (giving firmness to character); they issue from masters of assemblies,3 heads of academies (but not of the Sanhedrin).

Each little change in the administration engendered a multitude of others, so that the modest attempts at reform were found to be like the letting out of water.

She showed me how very foolish it would be for me to pursue a four years' course of study at Radcliffe, simply to be like other girls, when I might better be cultivating whatever ability I had for writing.

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The idea that Jonny would turn out to be like Talon made her chest clench.

These kink-tailed or tailless cats are moreover smaller in size than the ordinary short-tailed breeds, with rather longer hair, whose texture approaches that of rabbitfur, and a cry said to be like that of the jungle-cat (F.

When I came to your class last October, I was trying with all my might to be like everybody else, to forget as entirely as possible my limitations and peculiar environment.

He was very proud to think of this, and he wished that he might grow up to be like them.

Her success has been complete, for in trying to be like other people she has come most fully to be herself.

Sophistry appeared to him to be like it, except that it is a fallacious deduction either from merely apparent probabilities in its matter or itself merely apparently syllogistic in its form (cf.

Instead, it made him different enough to be like her: a shadow on the fringe of society.