Sentence Examples with the word to a lesser extent

I abhorred the very idea of getting immersed in this tangle of deceit but even to a lesser extent did I want to see Howie hurt.

COVENANTERS, the name given to a party which, originating in the Reformation movement, played an important part in the history of Scotland, and to a lesser extent in that of England, during the 17th century.

I'm sure he meant well, but his lecture wasn't what Howie, and to a lesser extent Betsy, wanted to hear.

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The colony of the Straits Settlements, and to a lesser extent the towns of the Federated Malay States, carry a considerable heterogenous population, in which most of the races of Asia find their representatives.

While Fred, and to a lesser extent Cynthia, had solved cryptograms in the newspaper, neither were particularly adept at it.

From Bagdad), and to a lesser extent through the plains of Seruj and Harranbeing very sparsely populated, while the financial system adopted offers no inducement to the concessionaire company to work for Specially formed by the Anatolian railway group for the execution, which the Anatolian Railway Company guarantees under the Bagdad Railway Convention, of the Bagdad railway concession.

It was obvious Donald, and to a lesser extent Dean, would enjoy steeper, longer and more challenging runs.

But clearly, whilst the arcs and bands, and to a lesser extent the patches, showed a marked preference for the magnetic meridian, the rays showed no such preference.

Angustifolia, crispa, Uritusinga and Bonplandiana, and to a lesser extent C. Calisaya, vars.