Sentence Examples with the word titanium

She snatched it and swept past him, popping it open as she neared a wall covered in a titanium glass screen.

The command hub held a dozen workstations, one for each eastern critical infrastructure, and a wall secured behind titanium glass of keypads, buttons, and computer screens that acted as the emergency backup.

An impure titanium was made by Wiihler and Sainte-Claire Deville in 1857 by heating to redness fluotitanate of potassium (see below) in the vapour of sodium in an atmosphere of dry hydrogen, and extracting the alkaline fluoride formed by water.

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Fowler that these flutings are due to titanium oxide; this probably indicates a relatively low temperature, for at a high temperature all compounds would be dissociated.

When shaken with potash and air it undergoes autoxidation, hydrogen peroxide being formed first, which converts the trioxide into the dioxide and possibly pertitanic acid; this acid may contain sexavalent titanium (see W.

Fluorine is also often an essential constituent, and titanium is sometimes present.

In 1824 he obtained zirconium from potassium zirconium fluoride; the preparation of (impure) titanium quickly followed, and in 1828 he obtained thorium.

The commonest titanium mineral is rutile or titanium dioxide, T102; anatase and brookite are crystalline allotropes.

Her gaze went again to the keypads protected behind the titanium glass.

Brady watched Angel carefully place the keypad into a wall with several others, then secure them behind a thick shield of titanium glass.