Sentence Examples with the word tipster

He apparently tortured her for information on the tipster before he killed her.

The scientific community was of one voice that to consider a paranormal solution or the existence of a psychic tipster was totally bogus.

This is off the record but someone else thought to be a possible lead to the tipster was threatened recently.

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I'm not sure why I assigned the tipster to the female sex.

Instead, I made up a story that the tipster had been abducted as a child and therefore was using her psychic talents to help find kidnapped and missing children.

The doctor would learn he or she was treating the so-called psychic tipster but nothing else about the person's identity.

Ethel Reagan has become a staunch advocate of allowing the wondrous Psychic Tipster sufficient freedom to perform her good works amid mountains, or woods, or plains of Idaho where she resides.

When Betsy mentioned telling the After people, a thought struck me that the death of Owen Bryce, once known to our friends at After would probably tie me directly to the tipster as well.

The million dollar hunt for the Psychic Tipster was flooding the press; I suppose as intended.

The entire business of the psychic tipster has faded rapidly without new news to feed the sharks.