Sentence Examples with the word tine

The acts of the new government ran in the name of Ferdinand VII., but the step taken was a revolutionary one, and the 25th of May has ever since been regarded as the birthday of Argen tine independence.

The judges of the supreme court are elected biennially by tine General Assembly, and all the other judicial officers are elected by the people.

His Greeks, Carians, Ionians and soldiers from Pales tine and Syria, re-established once more an Egyptian Empire, and replaced the fluctuating relations between Palestine and the small dynasts of the Delta by a settled policy.

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Red deer (Cervus elaphus barbarus), which differ from the typical European species only in the fact that the second tine is absent from their antlers, a peculiarity which they share with the red deer of Spain and Corsica, are still found in the forest of Beni Saleh in the department of Constantine, but are being exterminated by forest fires and poaching Arabs.

All the ordinary social virtues such as truthfulness, honesty, kindness, chastity are emphasized and a great stress is laid on care for the poor (a social necessity at a tine when there were no well organized public charities).

Lateral organ of a SchizonemerNo ganglionic swellings whatever tine (fig.