Sentence Examples with the word timing

Some plans he couldn't use for lack of manpower, timing constraints, or other battle-related reasons, but some were brilliant.

I agreed and mentioned the timing of the power shut off at Howie's house after he'd left town.

A'Ran stood, furious the timing was early.

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The timing on all four attacks was the same to the hundredth of a second.

When the timing was right, he had the advantages of strength and negotiating without the hindrance of mercy or a conscience.

I don't think anyone was timing me.

The direct and reflected systems are practically equal, and by suitably timing the vibrations of the hand for each case the rope may be made to vibrate as a whole, as two halves, as three-thirds and so on.

The timing is lousy for me to be bugging you with questions.

It happened to fit what you're able to do... the timing and the specific location.

The timing was propitious, as black clouds had begun to roll up the valley and gather above them, the advance guard of a summer shower.