Sentence Examples with the word time

Every time I think I've figured her out, she goes and does the opposite.

This time Sigismondo had blundered; for the cause of Anjou was hopelessly ruined in Italy.

She.d been avoiding him for the same reason her dream revealed: she might just care too much about him to leave when the time came for her to go.

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The island was colonized at an early date by Phoenicians, attracted probably by its gold mines; they founded a temple of Heracles, which still existed in the time of Herodotus.

In war time these irregulars form part of the colonial corps, but in time of peace serve as frontier police.

At the Cambridge school, for the first time in my life, I enjoyed the companionship of seeing and hearing girls of my own age.

He seized and beheaded Lord Saye, the treasurer, and several other unpopular persons, and thight have continued his dictatorship for some time if the Kentish mob that follawed him bad not fallen to general pillage and arson.

By the time he'd nibbled at a salad for lunch and changed into a suit, he was a nervous wreck.

It may therefore be assumed that long before the clients obtained the right to hold land in their own names and appear in the courts in their own persons there was a free plebs existing alongside of the patricians enjoying limited rights of citizenship. But it is equally certain that before the time of Servius Tullius the rights and duties of citizenship were practically exercised only by the members of the patrician clans.

Nearly two terms of fighting the Cold War led him to conclude, as he put it, War in our time has become an anachronism.