Sentence Examples with the word tightness

In order to secure tightness in spite of cracks, mercury was placed in the bends.

The speculative character has entirely faded out of it, or rather has been crushed out by the tightness with which the directors of the Roman Church now held the reins of discipline.

When dressed and dyed they should have regular, close and bright curl, varying from a small to a very large one, and if of equal size, regularity, tightness and brightness, the value is comparatively a matter of fancy.

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He felt a momentary tightness until he recognized Randy Byrne behind the wheel.

Dean didn't even offer a quip about Fred's tightness with a buck and his moth-eaten purse as the old man called over a waitress to do the duties.

Darian hadn't been able to look away from the Black God, whose hand was clenched with painful tightness around Bianca's forearm.

The tightness that filled his chest whenever he thought of his betrayer and lover unfurled.