Sentence Examples with the word tightly

We see a black crow tightly holding a human mask which he is in the act of incubating.

Under natural circumstances wheat is selffertilized: that is to say, the pollen of any given flower impregnates the stigma and ovule of the same flower; the glumes and coverings of the flower being tightly pressed round the stamens and stigmas in such a way as to prevent the access of insects and to ensure the deposit of the pollen upon the stigmas of the same flower.

Standards from which galvanized wire is tightly strained from one end to the other are preferable and very convenient.

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He was tightly wrapped in black fabric, his head towards the ocean.

Apply a ligature above, not on the top of, the situation of the bite, twist the string tightly with a stick.

While Jennifer didn't complain, Dean could see her hands gripping the sides of the vehicle tightly as they moved steadily upward.

For open pools and dams Schenck substitutes large wooden vats under cover, into which the flax is tightly packed in an upright position.

She ached to touch him but refused, hugging herself more tightly instead.

The sample has the form of a thin rod, one end of which is faced true; it is slipped into the magnetizing coil from above, and when the current is turned on its smooth end adheres tightly to the surface of the yoke.

The silk cord was fastened to the brass gas lamp that centered the ceiling of the room, the other end tightly knotted about her soft white neck.