Sentence Examples with the word tightening

When Cynthia finished tightening the cinch and lowered the stirrup, she turned to find him watching her.

Alex was tightening the cinch on Princes when she opened the barn door.

The villeins, as hard hit as their masters, resented the tightening of old duties, which in some cases had already been commuted for small money rents during the prosperous years preceding the plague.

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The chief recommendation put forward to mend the system comprised lengthening of all sentences, a diminution in the dietaries, the abolition of large gratuities, and, speaking broadly, a general tightening of the reins.

She was tightening the cinch on the last one when Gerald eyed the horse doubtfully.

She remembers the grasp of fingers she has held before, all the characteristic tightening of the muscles that makes one person's handshake different from that of another.

Her pacing ceased, her throat tightening at the thought of spurning him.

He flinched visibly as if she had slapped him, his fingers tightening on her arm.