Sentence Examples with the word tierra del fuego

Parker Snow, A Two Years' Cruise off Tierra del Fuego (Landon, 1857); G.

Proteaceae are found also in Tierra del Fuego and Chile.

The insect life of these strangely associated regions is likewise greatly restricted by adverse climatic conditions, a considerable part of the northern desert being absolutely barren of animal and vegetable life, while the climate of Tierra del Fuego and the southern coast is highly unfavourable to terrestrial animal life, for which reason comparatively few species are to be found.

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The Argentine side is known as the Territory of Tierra del Fuego (including Staten Island), and the Chilean forms part of the Territory of Magallanes.

Heat and extreme arid conditions of the northern coast to the low temperatures and extreme humidity of western Tierra del Fuego and the southern coast.

With the settlement of the main island, which is now sometimes called Onisia, leaving the name of Tierra del Fuego to the archipelago, the Onas tribe has become fairly known.

Crawshay, The Birds of Tierra del Fuego (London, 1907).

The whole of the north part of Tierra del Fuego is occupied by plateaus of horizontal Tertiary strata.

Viii.; Sir Martin Conway, Aconcagua and Tierra del Fuego (London.

Its general range from the extreme north to Patagonia is 14,000 to 15,500 ft., but along the Patagonian frontier it sinks rapidly, until in Tierra del Fuego it lies at about 4900 ft.