Sentence Examples with the word tied

Youths, when engaged in horsemanship and other exercises, wore a chlamys round the shoulders, which, however, was semicircular in cut, and was fastened on the breast by buttons and a loop, or tied in a knot, whereas the Greek chlamys was oblong and fastened on the shoulder by a brooch.

Her stomach was still tied in knots, and she clutched her knees to her chest, shivering in the cold creek water.

The rippled stalks are tied in small bundles and packed, roots downwards, in the dams till they are quite full; over the top of the upper layer is placed a stratum of rushes and straw, or sods with the grassy side downwards, and above all stones of sufficient weight to keep the flax submerged.

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They marched with handkerchiefs tied over their noses and mouths.

The small twigs, tied in bundles, are boiled for some time in water with broken biscuit or roasted grain; the resulting decoction is then poured into a cask with molasses or maple sugar and a little yeast, and left to ferment.

Vara carefully tied a rope beneath her arms and cinched it tight enough to wring blood from the wet clothing.

She was already the home of the Cluniac movement, the centre from which radiated the truce of God, the chosen place of chivalry; she could supply a host of feudal nobles, somewhat loosely tied to their place in society, and ready to break loose for a great enterprise; she had suffered from battle and murder, pestilence and famine, from which any escape was welcome.

He was bound to the porcelain fixture with a nylon cord around his ankles and one around his arms, which were tied behind him.

A chair sat in the middle of the living room with a 'Happy Birthday' balloon tied to it.

Then he tied a rope around his waist and said to his friends, Take hold of the other end, boys.