Sentence Examples with the word tie

He loosened his collar and tie out of absolute necessity.

In large vessels it is usual to pass a ligature round the vessel and tie it with a reef-knot.

Surely second thoughts didn't come abruptly in the middle of a peaceful ride, or tie a persons' insides in knots.

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Long brown fingers loosened and removed the tie and then unbuttoned his shirt.

The family tie between all the Carlyles was unusually strong, and Thomas regarded his father with a reverence which found forcible expression in his Reminiscences.

Thus a legal tie between Geneva and two of the Swiss cantons was established, while the duke did not any longer venture to annoy the Genevese, as he clung to his fine barony of Vaud.

She felt someone tie her hands and haul her up.

Rousseau, however, never saw any of the alleged children; and Mrs Macdonald has shown good cause for believing that their existence was a myth, an imposition on Rousseau's credulity, invented by Therese and her mother to make the tie more binding.

Most of tie Archean rocks fall into one or the other of two great series, a schistose series and a granitoid series, the latter being in large part intrusive in the former.

This is especially necessary in the case of reverberatory furnaces, which are essentially weak structures, and therefore require to be bound together by complicated systems of tie rods and uprights or buck staves.