Sentence Examples with the word ticking

His jaw was clenched and ticking as the muscles jumped.

Dean sat a while longer, amid night sounds, the ticking clock, and the muffled ringing of Gladys Turnbull's alarm.

The manor was silent, except for the ticking of the grandfather clock in the foyer.

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Fully alert, he listened, but heard only night noises, the ticking of the hall clock, a slight breeze, the ever-present furnace rumbling heat to the old building.

Well, time is a precious commodity and it's ticking away for both of you.

The clock was ticking on the young man's stay.

If an ear-trumpet is placed at the focus of the second mirror the ticking may be heard easily, though it is quite inaudible by direct waves.

The kid began crying and she waited, ticking off her mental to-do list to see where she'd start.

It flew from right to left, and back again, almost in one ticking of a watch, and every instant seemed on the point of snapping into splinters.