Sentence Examples with the word thwart

Bohemund's policy seems to have inspired Baldwin, the brother of Godfrey of Bouillon to emulation; on the one hand he strove to thwart the endeavours of Tancred, the nephew of Bohemund, to begin the foundation of the Eastern principality for his uncle by conquering Cilicia, and, on the other, he founded a principality for himself in Edessa.

Bitter disappointment, however, soon overcame them, the Samaritans were strong enough to thwart and hinder their temple-building, and it seemed as though the divine favour was withdrawn.

But a conqueror came who had no empresses to thwart him.

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A strong and energetic party endeavoured to thwart the working of the new order, and matters came to a climax on the death of William IV.

But Catiline's hopes were again disappointed; once more he failed to obtain the consulship (64); and, moreover, it soon became apparent that one of the new consuls, Cicero, was mysteriously able to thwart all the schemes of the conspirators.

When they thwart the purpose which demanded them, they are false; when they are inapplicable they are unmeaning (A.

The Porte strove by every means at its disposal to thwart their activity; but elsewhere they were regarded as a body of academic enthusiasts, more noisy than dangerous, who devoted their scanty funds to the publication of seditious matter in Paris or Geneva, and sought to achieve the impossible by importing western institutions into a country fit only to be ruled by the sheriat and the sword.

The states of Holland, on the other hand, were determined to thwart any attempts for a renewal of war, and insisted, in defiance of the authority of the captaingeneral supported by the states-general, in virtue of their claim to be a sovereign province, in disbanding a large part of the regiments in their pay.

But all his neighbours, apprehensive of the consequences of a civilized Muscovy, combined to thwart him.

I would ask that you bestow defenses upon them to thwart his inevitable attack.