Sentence Examples with the word through with

Athens, although known to be hostile at heart to the cities of Macedonian power, Alexander treated all through with eager courtesy.

The reforms needed to be pushed through with real gusto, yet it was common for Gorbachev to disparage in his remarks about trade.

I'm through with him - no matter who likes it.

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Carpenter, when he's through with that buckle, tell him to forge a pair of steel shoulder-blades; there's a pedlar aboard with a crushing pack.

TO MRS. LAURENCE HUTTON Cambridge, Mass., May 3, 1897. ...You know I am trying very hard to get through with the reading for the examinations in June, and this, in addition to my regular schoolwork keeps me awfully busy.

On his planet, he'd have no qualms about following through with his threat to lock her in the bathroom if he found out what she was doing.

The story is full of picturesque detail and stirring incident, full also of interesting problems in folk-lore and mythology; and throughout it is dominated by the figure of the grim Hagen, who, twitted with cowardice and his advice spurned, is determined that there shall be no turning back and that they shall go through with it to the bitter end.

During the first years of his reign he was occupied in other directions; but when he came to Scotland in 1633 to be crowned, Laud came with him, and though like his father he showed himself kind to the clergy in matters of stipend, and adopted measures which caused many schools to be built, he also showed that in the matter of worship the policy of forcing Scotland into uniformity with England was to be carried through with a high hand.

To carry us through with comfort and with health.

It was hard to tell whether she would go through with contesting the will, or if she even could after so long.