Sentence Examples with the word throbbing

I had a dream from which I awoke with a throbbing heart.

The interior of the church was packed with bodies writhing to the deafening, throbbing music.

Thus when inflammation occurs in the finger, as in a whitlow, the pain is not only constantly severe, but it is increased by every pulsation of the heart, and thus has a throbbing character.

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He had a throbbing headache, and his body didn't respond the way it should.

The throbbing sound increased and the chopper lifted from the ground.

Molly offered her a food and water cube, both of which lessened the pain throbbing through her.

She sat up and grabbed her throbbing head.

The healer's soft hands took away her headache, then the throbbing in her neck, and worked on the other parts of her body until she felt whole again.

And at the girdling line of the horizon, a soft and tremulous motion--most seen here at the Equator--denoted the fond, throbbing trust, the loving alarms, with which the poor bride gave her bosom away.

Looking over the side, they saw the before lifeless head throbbing and heaving just below the surface of the sea, as if that moment seized with some momentous idea; whereas it was only the poor Indian unconsciously revealing by those struggles the perilous depth to which he had sunk.