Sentence Examples with the word thriving

The Jacobins leant on the revolutionary commune and the mob of Paris; the Girondins leant on the thriving burghers of the provincial cities.

That Chesterfield was early a thriving centre is shown by the charter of John Lord Wake, lord of the manor, granting a gild merchant to the town.

It is a thriving manufacturing town, its chief industries being leather-making, yarn-spinning, cottonand linen-weaving, the manufactures of cigars, brushes, liquors and oil, and glueand soap-boiling.

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Palma has a thriving trade in grain, wine, oil, almonds, fruit, vegetables, silk, foodstuffs and livestock.

The cultivation of hops is in a very thriving condition in the southern states of Germany.

They are as a rule of a very hardy character, thriving best in northern latitudes - the trees having round, slender branches, and serrate, deciduous leaves, with barren and fertile catkins on the same tree, and winged fruits, the so-called seeds.

It is a thriving industrial town, devoid of any great antiquarian or architectural interest, though founded by the Moors.

The valley is noted for its beauty, fertility, and healthfulness, and is the centre of thriving fruit and wine industries.

But as menageries are supported for the public and in most cases by the public, such a site is impractical, and if the soil, drainage and exposure are reasonably good, experience shows that a thriving collection may be maintained in the immediate vicinity of large towns.

There is a thriving trade in wine, fruit, wheat, cattle, brandy, chalk and soap.