Sentence Examples with the word thrilled

He stood and marveled at himself, thrilled by the power running through him.

She fought hard and with her heart, a combination that thrilled him.

However, she was thrilled that baby Claire was in residence.

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She tested the tea Cora made and was thrilled at the rich, sweetened flavor.

Jackson had decided to build a gallery on the grounds, and although she protested, he knew she would be thrilled with it.

She returned the kiss, thrilled by his passion and her own mounting hunger.

Maria, ever smiling, joined them at the table, looking from one to the other as they spoke, understanding little but enjoying their company and thrilled with their praise.

He deepened the kiss, thrilled when she responded by becoming more demanding, more passionate.

The air around her shimmered with subtle, calm power that thrilled him.

She fluttered butterfly kisses across his face, thrilled at the heat and strength of his body so near hers.