Sentence Examples with the word thorium

Bumstead (60) Finds That With Longer Exposure Of The Wire The Relative Importance Of The Thorium Emanation Increases.

Monazite, a phosphate of thorium and other rare earths, contains on the average about i cc. per gram.

In two cases, however, it has been found in the absence of appreciable quantities of uranium and thorium compounds, namely in beryl, and in sylvine (potassium chloride).

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Inhalations of thorium emanations produced from thorium nitrate through a wash-bottle inhaler are said to have a bactericidal action in diseases of the lungs.

A number of salts of thorium have been prepared for therapeutic use, including the hydroxide, nitrate, salicylate, oleate and lactate.

By precipitating a thorium salt with a fluoride, a gelatinous hydrate, ThF 4.4H 2 O, is obtained.

The phosphorescence of the sulphide obtained by heating the thiosulphate is much increased by adding uranium, bismuth, or thorium before ignition pr.

These Figures Refer To The State Of The Wire Immediately After The Exposure; The Rate Of Decay Is Much More Rapid For The Radium Than For The Thorium Emanation.

In its salts, thorium is tetravalent, and in the periodic classification it occurs in the same sub-group as titanium, cerium and zirconium.

Helium is relatively abundant in many minerals, all of which are radioactive, and contain uranium or thorium as important constituents.