Sentence Examples with the word thirty-sixth

When the Chickasaws ceded their lands to the national government, in 1830 and in 1832, thestate made a claim to the sixteenth sections, and finally in 1856 received 174,550 acres - one thirty-sixth of the total cession of 6,283,804 acres.

In the contest over the speakership at the opening of the Thirty-Sixth Congress (1859) he voted with the Republicans, thereby incurring a vote of censure from the Maryland legislature, which called upon him to resign.

VALENS, East Roman emperor from 364 to 378, owed his elevation in the thirty-sixth year of his age to his brother Valentinian, who chose him to be his associate in the empire, of which a formal division into East and West was now once for all definitively arranged (see Valentinian I.).

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The public schools are supported by the income from a Federal grant of 2,000,000 acres of public land (given in lieu of the usual sixteenth and thirty-sixth sections) supplemented by state and local taxation.

The larval period commences at about the thirty-sixth hour with the perforation of the mouth, first gill-cleft and anus.