Sentence Examples with the word thirty-ninth

Antony committed suicide, in the mistaken belief that she had already done so, but Octavian refused to yield to the charms of Cleopatra who put an end to her life, by applying an asp to her bosom, according to the common tradition, in the thirty-ninth year of her age (29th of August, 30 B.C.).

He published, besides many orations, a History of the Anti-Slavery Measures of the Thirty-Seventh and Thirty-Eighth United States Congresses (1865); Military Measures of the United States Congress (1868); a History of the Reconstruction Measures of the Thirty-Ninth and Fortieth Congresses (1868) and a History of the Rise and Fall of the Slave Power in America (3 vols., 1872-1875), his most important work.

On the first ballot he stood third (with 134 votes); on the seventh ballot second (with 2951 votes); on the twelfth ballot first (with 404 votes); on the thirtieth ballot he dropped to second (with 4002 votes); on the thirty-ninth vote he again stood first (with 4682 votes); and continued to gain thereafter until he was nominated on the forty-fourth ballot.