Sentence Examples with the word thinned

In these districts and others the number has become much reduced, owing doubtless in part to the fatal practice of catching the birds just before or during the breeding-season; but perhaps the strongest cause of their growing scarcity is the constant breaking-up of waste lands, and the extirpation of weeds (particularly of the order Compositae) essential to the improved system of agriculture; for in many parts of Scotland, East Lothian for instance, where goldfinches were once as plentiful as sparrows, they are now only rare stragglers, and yet there they have not been thinned by netting.

These forests were formerly very thick, but they are now greatly thinned by the Turks, who cut them down and take no care to plant others in their place.

Milne-Edwards removed the Polyzoa; the group was soon further thinned by the exclusion of the Protozoa on the one hand and the Entozoa on the other; while in 1848 Leuckart and Frey clearly distinguished the Coelenterata from the Echinodermata as a separate sub-kingdom, thus condemning the usage by which the term still continued to be applied to these two groups at least.

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Before the young oaks are planted, and are gradually thinned out as the latter increase in size.

He thinned the disaffected population by allowing foreign enlistment, and 40,000 are said to have been thus got rid of.

They will alter the shape of mineral particles by broadening them in a direction at right angles to the principal pressures, while they are thinned in the direction in which the pressure acted.

This is a flora which, thinned out by losses, practically exists to this day in the southern United States.

In settling, the pulp is diluted by a small stream of water, and the thinned pulp drawn off, first through the top dischargehole and then through the other two, the bottom one being about 8 in.

The bangs she had cut in the front thinned it out a little and made it easy to maintain as well.

Several times during summer the trees ought to be regularly examined, and the young shoots respectively topped or thinned out; those that remain are to be nailed to the wall, or braced in with pieces of slender twigs, and the trees ought occasionally to be washed with the garden engine or thoroughly syringed, especially during very hot summers.