Sentence Examples with the word thinly

The tops can then be removed and the bulbs sorted and stored thinly in trays in a cool dry place.

His lectures were thinly attended, and he found them grievous interruptions to his historical work.

Marryat's first attempt was somewhat severely criticized from an artistic point of view, and he was accused of gratifying private grudges by introducing real personages too thinly disguised; and as he attributed some of his own adventures to Frank Mildmay he was rather shocked to learn that readers identified him with that disagreeable character.

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In a primitive, Begin- thinly populated, agricultural country, in which the flings of demand for agricultural labour greatly exceeds the serfdom.

To obtain a crop of bulbs for pickling, seed should be sown thickly in March, in rather poor soil, the seeds being very thinly covered, and the surface well rolled; these are not to be thinned, but should be pulled and harvested when ripe.

When lifted they should be laid thinly in a well shaded, airy spot to, dry.

They are then spread out thinly on trays or racks made of bamboo, canvas or wire netting, under cover, for some 18 or 30 hours (according to the temporary weather conditions) to wither, after which they are in a soft, flaccid condition ready for rolling.

The population in the lower and warmer valleys live in houses, and follow agriculture; in the higher regions they are nomadic shepherds, thinly scattered over a large area.

It is thinly wooded, except in the north, where the climatic conditions approach those of the Amazon valley.

A sheet of cardboard is placed above the magnet, and some iron filings are sifted thinly and evenly over the surface: if the cardboard is gently tapped, the filings will arrange themselves in a series of curves, as shown in fig.