Sentence Examples with the word think twice

When might no longer makes right for the strong, they think twice about preying on the weak.

The trainee months ago made a horrible mistake by choosing to target Ingrid, and Xander didn't think twice about lopping off his head.

He was the kind of man she wouldn't think twice about running from, though the intelligence gleaming in his soulful brown eyes gave him away as something more.

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She shouldn't have to be tough, and if he hadn't failed his people several sun-cycles before, he'd never think twice about training her for battle.

At the far end of the library was a creature that made her think twice about entering.

The ministry was saved by a mere accident - the expulsion of Danish agitators from North Schleswig by the German government, which evoked a passion of patriotic protest throughout Denmark, and united all parties, the war minister declaring in the Folketing, during the debate on the military budget (January 1899), that the armaments of Denmark were so far advanced that any great power must think twice before venturing to attack her.

Dusty didn't think twice about offing anyone who posed a threat to him, and he didn't remember what it felt like to be a human who witnessed what looked like a mass murder.