Sentence Examples with the word think about

No, Eden definitely didn't want to think about what happened next.

All I could think about was that I had a living father-in-law.

Deidre waited nervously, uncertain what to think about the Immortal staring at her.

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I want you to think about what I can do to your cousins, if I felt like it.

He couldn't even think about feeding on another woman today.

He tried hard not to think about his soul being kicked around in the underworld.

He was sort of on edge, now that I think about it, like something was distracting him.

I thought maybe they had to think about it before they called, but then they practically beg me to pass on the information immediately.

Deidre didn't know what to think about Gabriel, not when he seemed conflicted about her to start off with.

She shoved the photo back into the envelope and closed the lip, willing herself not to think about the previous pregnancy and its tragic end.