Sentence Examples with the word thickly

The principal curiosity is the Karlsburg cascade, which is placed in a broad ravine, thickly wooded on both sides.

On the east coast the force of the north-east monsoon, which beats upon the shores of the China Sea annually from November to February, has kept the land for the most part free from mangroves, and the sands, broken here and there by rocky headlands thickly wooded, and fringed by casuarina trees, stretch for miles without interruption.

Java is the most thickly peopled, best cultivated and most advanced island of the whole Eastern archipelago.

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The body is stout and thickly built; the legs are short and strong, and armed, especially the anterior pair, with long curved claws; the tail is short; and the ears are reduced to rudiments.

This is expressed on the Horologium of Andronicus Cyrrhestes, called the Temple or Tower of the Winds, at Athens, where Boreas is represented as a bearded man of stern aspect, thickly clad, and wearing strong buskins; he blows into a conch shell, which he holds in his hand as a sign of his tempestuous character.

It was a pretty place, with vines growing thickly over the broad front porch.

In the south are flat, fertile and thickly wooded plains, which give place to jungle at the foot of the hills of Dar Nuba, the district forming the southeast part of Kordofan.

Before taking this step, he had been wont in his enforced leisure to gather the poor children of Bala into his house for instruction, and so thickly did they come that he had to adjourn with them to the chapel.

Those which show an in- Hautes-A crease usually possess large centres of industry and are Haute-Sa already thickly populated, e.g.

Thankfully, Molly slept until we arrived, at a small cabin in a thickly wooded area.