Sentence Examples with the word theorem

Whatever the deformation of the originally straight boundary of the axial section may be, it can be resolved by Fourier's theorem into deformations of the harmonic type.

The theorem of duality as regards plane figures may be thus stated: two figures may correspond to each other in such manner that to each point and line in either figure there correspond in the other figure a line and point respectively.

This is a particular case of Taylor's theorem (see Infinitesimal Calculus).

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Fourier's theorem asserts that such a curve may be built up by the superposition, or addition of ordinates, of a series of sine curves of wave-lengths X, IX, 3A, 4A...

Besides this most important contribution to the general fabric of dynamical science, we owe to Lagrange several minor theorems of great elegance, - among which may be mentioned his theorem that the kinetic energy imparted by given impulses to a material system under given constraints is a maximum.

The multi- (or poly-) nomial theorem has for its object the expansion of any power of a multinomial and was discussed in 1697 by Abraham Demoivre (see Combinatorial Analysis).

Laplace developed a theorem of Vandermonde for the expansion of a determinant, and in 1773 Joseph Louis Lagrange, in his memoir on Pyramids, used determinants of the third order, and proved that the square of a determinant was also a determinant.

The view that no cause intervenes additional to that producing the zodiacal band is strengthened, though not proved, by a theorem due to F.

Legendre's theorem is a fundamental one in geodesy, and his contributions to the subject are of the greatest importance.

He attempted the quadrature of the circle by interpolation, and arrived at the remarkable expression known as Wallis's Theorem (see Circle, Squaring Of).