Sentence Examples with the word thenceforward

In 1611 the headquarters of the Dutch was changed from Bantam to Jakatra, which in 1619 was renamed Batavia, and was thenceforward the Dutch capital.

At first only one surface of the copper was plated with silver and thus its usefulness was necessarily restricted, but it was a simple matter to apply the silver to both sides and thenceforward whatever was made in solid metal could be reproduced in plate, and firm after firm went into the business, ever and anon introducing further improvements.

S., led to the rapid rise of Banjaluka, which was thenceforward the scene of many encounters between Austrians and Turks; notably in 1527, 1688 and 1737.

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A levy of 300,000 men was ordered; a Committee of General Security was charged with the search for suspects; and thenceforward military occurrences called forth parliamentary crises and popular upheavals.

William Rufus, to the disgust of his supporters, permitted Odo to leave the kingdom after the collapse of this design (1088), and thenceforward Odo was the right-hand man of Robert in Normandy.

When fate decided against her in the Seven Years' War she bowed to the inevitable, and was thenceforward a resolute advocate of peace.

Their lives were spared at the command of the prophet, and they returned home so impressed that their incursions thenceforward ceased (vi.

In 1605 these haiduks were rewarded for their fidelity to the Protestant party (see HUNGARY: History) with titles of nobility and territorial rights over a district situated on the left bank of the river Theiss, known thenceforward as the Haiduk region.

Conflagration and would have unsettled the boundaries of most continental nations; and the British government endeavoured thenceforward to stop hostilities by referring the question immediately in dispute to a conference in London.

It was under the protection of Siena till 1202, when it declared for Florence and thenceforward passed from one mistress to the other, until early in the 16th century when it finally became Florentine.