Sentence Examples with the word theistic

His philosophical standpoint may be characterized as a reaction from the pantheistic tendency of Hegel's idealistic rationalism towards a more pronouncedly theistic position.

And whether its teaching be theistic or pantheistic, pantheism or theism, whichever turns out victorious, must henceforth rank as a demonstrated certainty.

One great change and only one since Kant's day has affected the outlook upon theistic problems - the increasing belief in evolution.

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It neither affirms nor denies the theistic premises of religion, and is thus a particular variety of utilitarianism.

Later, especially when scientific speculation had made the theistic problem urgent, he was a frequent contributor to the literary monthlies.

The more Spinozistic side of Leibnitz's thought - God as Monad of Monads - is a theistic postulate if hardly a theistic proof.

Is the regeneration of India to be brought about by the modern theistic movements, such as the Brahma-samaj and Arya-samaj, as so close and sympathetic an observer of Hindu life and thought as Sir A.

Carriere identified himself with the school of the younger Fichte as one who held the theistic view of the world which aimed at reconciling the contradictions between deism and pantheism.

In 1816 he established a society, consisting only of Hindus, in which texts from the Vedas were recited and theistic hymns chanted.

Accordingly his assertion of the unity of God was at the same time a declaration of the unity of Being, and in virtue of this declaration he is entitled to rank as the founder of Eleaticism, inasmuch as the philosophy of Parmenides was his forerunner's pantheism divested of its theistic element.