Sentence Examples with the word theism

At the most we might say this: If theism is a growing doctrine, Butler in England like Kant in Germany stands for a fresh ethical emphasis.

A more entirely novel and more general principle of Kant's attack upon theism is the challenge of our right to build up the idea of God bit by bit out of different arguments.

Beginning with the certainties of everyday experience, it reaches theism at last by means of an analogical argument.

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While a pronounced theist - though not a church Christian - he is hardly less an assailant of traditional theism than Kant (e.g.

Emphasis on moral motives is plain in Kant's theism as in Butler's.

Mill in the tentative approach to theism found in his posthumous volume (Three Essays on Religion; 1874).

Leib nitz's Monadology - which has little influence on his theism - may be viewed as a strong recoil from Spinoza's all-swallowing substance.

If we understand by theism not simple belief in a divine unity, but such faith in one divine person as will constitute the basis for a popular religion, then - unless we allow a doubtful exception in Zoroastrianism.

A great deal of popular theism is undoubtedly hard hit by it; for popular theism is apt to throw its arguments together in very random fashion.

Still the main weight of intuitionalist theism rests upon the conception of God as First Cause.