Sentence Examples with the word the street

Under the Public Health Act 1875 such streets may be dealt with in manner following: - If any such street or part thereof is not sewered, levelled, paved, metalled, flagged, channelled, made good or lighted to the satisfaction of the council, the council may cause it to be made up at the expense of the owners of premises fronting the street in proportion to their several frontages.

She started moving again, panic rising as she realized not all the attackers in the building across the street had jumped to the street.

She turned to the wine chiller and pulled out the bottle she opened when she returned home from the street fair.

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While she sat in the carriage beside her father, pensively watching the lights of the street lamps flickering on the frozen window, she felt still sadder and more in love, and forgot where she was going and with whom.

The people kept the street in which he lay quiet; but medical care, the loving solicitude of friends, and the respect of all the people could not save his life.

I'd have burned the damned money before I'd have let it get back on the street poisoning kids.

The Jews had their quarter near the commercial centre, their presence being indicated by the street named Old Jewry, though it is probable that they did not reoccupy this locality after their expulsion in 1290.

From 1897 to 1903 the efforts of the Street Railway Companies of Chicago to extend their franchise, and of the city of Chicago to secure municipal control of its street railway system, resulted in the statute of 1903, which provided for municipal ownership. But the proposed issue under this law of bonds with which Chicago was to purchase or construct railways would have increased the city's bonded indebtedness beyond its constitutional limit, and was therefore declared unconstitutional in April 1907 by the supreme court of the state.

Soldiers were passing in a constant stream along the street blocking it completely, so that Alpatych could not pass out and had to wait.

When it stopped, she twisted to see a crater at the end of the street near the river.