Sentence Examples with the word the latest

Of the interior decorations it is enough to mention the altars of the nave, said to be after designs by Michelangelo, and the mosaics in the dome and the apse, which were among the latest designs of Cimabue.

The earliest tombstone is dated 1524; one of the latest is the recumbent effigy, by G.

The fact is that Numbers is the result of a long literary process of amalgamation both of traditions and of documents, a process that began in the closing decades of the 9th century B.C. and did not finally end till the 2nd century B.C., the earliest date being that of J, and the latest probably that of the various addenda to Balaam's prophecies, e.g.

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Thus Huxley, with true prophetic instinct, found that the sum of primitive characters of all the higher placental mammals points to a stem form of a generalized insectivore type, a prophecy which has been fully confirmed by the latest research.

But though the existence of an older Targum Jerushalmi cannot be denied, it is clear that the form in which it was utilized by the two Palestinian Targums cannot be of an early date, for many of the latest elements in the Fragmentary and pseudo-Jonathan Targums were undoubtedly derived from their common source.

Cynthia handed her the latest transcribed pages of the notebook.

Fred read the latest transcribed pages of Annie Quincy's journal while the Deans cleaned up the dining room.

During the latest and darkest years of Domitian he deemed it prudent to withdraw from public affairs, but his financial abilities were recognized by his nomination in 94 or 95 to the praefectura aerarii militar y (ix.

Only one Greek author, Herodotus, alludes to the prehistoric Cappadocian power and only at the latest moment of its long decline.

At least Hell kept up with the latest styles, she thought darkly.