Sentence Examples with the word the job

Dean was hesitant to discuss this or any aspects of the job with Ethel.

He explained to me that with a lawnmower, one person would be able to do the job and eleven men would be unemployed.

Dean returned to the job of moving the mounds of white.

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Everything considered, it was easier to make the decision to take the job than to placate Mary.

She was beginning to get an inkling why the job was still open.

In the United States, de Tocqueville's voluntary associations still do the job and anyone willing to make her way to a church or food pantry and say she is hungry will not leave empty handed.

She had the job she had planned for the last three years.

That was one facet of the job that didn't trouble Cynthia.

It was hard enough to make ends meet before she took the job at the ranch.

That bond and the unswerving praise of Mr. Fulton at the bank was probably why she was given the job as cook.