Sentence Examples with the word the gym

Xander was in the gym whenever she was, no matter what time of day or night she went.

Gabe was halfway across the gym where the Immortal foot soldiers were training before he knew where he was.

He crossed the room and snatched the gym bag at the bottom of her wardrobe.

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Darian stepped off the gym floor and showered quickly, disturbed by Jenn.

They smashed the gym around them, two titans dueling.

She led him first down the hallway where the gym was, pointing out the locker rooms and weapons room before taking him to the second floor to Jonny's wing and past her doorless room.

Jenn left him in the gym and trotted through the halls and up the stairs.

He stepped off the scale, snagged a protein bar, and walked the twenty floors to the gym in the bottom of his condo building.

He pulled the robe over her exposed body, feeling the urge to run to the gym or call Jenn for a quickie to relieve the sexual spring within him.

They strode into the sticky heat towards the gym between the house and the garage.