Sentence Examples with the word the grey

Shore of Lake Ontario and are either red or grey; the red are used for building, the grey for street paving.

Dusty rubbed his face, wanting nothing more than to kill Darian where he sat but knowing only the Grey God could un-fuck what he'd done.

The bladder-nose seal (Cystophora cristata), for instance, may be said to be a GreenlandAmerican species, while a Scandinavian species, such as the grey seal (Halichoerus grypus), appears to be very rare both in Greenland and America.

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Darian had spent thousands of years enslaved to the Black God before the Oracle freed him, and Jule couldn't imagine how deeply that experience must have scarred the Grey God's soul.

You took care of the Grey God's issue before the immortal world went up in flames a few months ago.

If I am fortunate, I will have the Grey God at my command before my demise.

To the south is the valley of the Arve (descending from the snows of the Mont Blanc chain), which unites with that of the Rhone a little below the town; while behind the Arve the grey and barren rocks of the Petit Saleve rise like a wall, which in turn is overtopped by the distant and ethereal snows of Mont Blanc. Yet the actual site of the town is not as picturesque as that of several other spots in Switzerland.

His power hit Darian at the same time he did, and the Grey God crumpled, pinned to the wooden deck.

He shoved the door open with all his might, revealing the steely skies of winter and the grey cement curb outside.

The chief wealth of the people consists in the gum obtained from the grey acacias, in oxen, camels and ostrich feathers.