Sentence Examples with the word the foam

Meanwhile Ahab half smothered in the foam of the whale's insolent tail, and too much of a cripple to swim,--though he could still keep afloat, even in the heart of such a whirlpool as that; helpless Ahab's head was seen, like a tossed bubble which the least chance shock might burst.

Thus, in the Hesiodic account of her birth, she is represented as sprung from the foam which gathered round the mutilated member of Uranus, and her name has been explained by reference to this.

Cordifolia, the foam flower, is very ornamental in border or rockery.

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Such a model, properly constructed, that is to say, with the vesicles of the foam microscopic in size, is a marvellous imitation of the appearance of protoplasm, being distinguishable from it only by a greater symmetry.

ANADYOMENE ('AvaSvo l av), an epithet of Aphrodite (Venus), expressive of her having sprung from the foam of the sea.

She looked as if she had just risen from the foam of the sea, and her loveliness was like a strain of heavenly music.