Sentence Examples with the word the badger

Fossil remains of the badger have been found in England in deposits of Pleistocene age.

Tradition centres rather upon the fox (kitsune) and the badger (mujina), which are credited with supernatural powers, the former being worshipped as the messenger of the harvest god, while the latter is regarded as a mischievous rollicker.

In these plains the fox is most abundant, and the badger and hedgehog are found.

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In the alpine region are found the badger (Meles taxes), the ermine (Putorius ermineus) and six other Mustelidae, the wild dog (Canis alpinus), the common and the black-eared fox (C. melanotis), while the corsac fox (C. corsac) is met with only on the plains.

As soon as the dog succeeded in doing this the animals were parted, often by the attendants biting their tails, and the badger was again shut up in his box, which, at a signal from the time-keeper, was again opened.

Before it is j oined by the Wisconsin, the Mississippi 1 The badger is not found in the state, and the name probably originated as a nickname for those lead miners N.

Then the badger's tail is split, a chain put through it, and fastened to the stake with such ability that the badger can come up to the other end of the place.