Sentence Examples with the word thankless

Clesinger turned out a thankless scapegrace and George Sand was at last compelled to refuse to admit him to Nohant.

Wearied like Mr Boshof of a thankless task, and more interested in affairs in the Transvaal than in those of the Free State, Pretorius resigned the presidency in 1863, and after an interval of seven months Mr (afterwards Sir) John Henry Brand, an advocate at the Cape bar, was elected president.

It was for a long time a thankless post, for St Vincent was at once half incapacitated by ill-health and very arbitrary, while Nelson, who considered that Keith's appointment was 'a personal slight to himself, was peevish and insubordinate.

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Apparently this town was cluttered with them and my great-aunt and her husband had a thankless life mission to attend to the trash.

And spurred on by the papal emissary had tried to set up a rival king; but both the Danish and the French princes who were asked to accept this thankless position declined the invitation, and Frederick and Wenceslaus made their peace, tAe former receiving back his duchies.

Mehemet Ali and his son Ibrahim Pasha were, however, now committed to their conflict with Turkey for Syria and Asia Minor, and had no troops to spare for the thankless task of holding the Arabian deserts; the garrisons were gradually withdrawn, and in 1842 Fesal, who had escaped from his prison at Cairo reappeared and was everywhere recognized as amir.