Sentence Examples with the word thankful

Combing her hair, she was thankful for the natural curls that softly framed her face.

You can be thankful they didn't damage the tires.

Dean was thankful they both wore old hiking boots as they stepped forward, gazing with trepidation as the cool breath of the mine met them.

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Molly wanted to fix supper on her own which both Betsy and I were thankful to let happen.

Carmen slid out of the car, thankful she had thought to bring her boots and coat.

He was thankful he couldn't see down as he inched his way around a large boulder with only emptiness below.

Just be thankful you didn't go after the million before they yanked the contest.

She jerked her wrist from his hand and turned away, thankful at least for the warning.

Dean sipped the hot coffee, thankful Fred didn't raise any questions about Betty from Boise.

And for this adequate knowledge the readers should be thankful (i.