Sentence Examples with the word th

To him it was Revival left to perfect that work of restoration begun by Baroti t th and amplified by Revai.

When parliament, on the 2 th of August 1 60 passed the P 4 g 5 P acts abolishing the papal jurisdiction and the mass in Scotland, it was able, as Knox had been preparing for this crisis, to sanction a new confession of faith for the Reformed church.

In accordance with this suggestion the Commons in th following year again resolved to repeal the paper duties; but, instead of embodying their decision in a separate bill, they included it in the same measure which dealt with all the financial arrangements of the year, and thus threw oft the Lords the responsibility of either accepting the proposal, or of paralysing the whole machinery of administration by depriving the crown of the supplies which were required for the public services.

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Tradition ascribes the origin of the drama to a religious dance of a panto- Th D mimic character, called Kagura and associated with C raffia.

These last already appear in miniatures of the 9th century; from the II th onwards they predominated; and in the 13th century they ousted all other forms. Originally plain, the crook was from the lath century onwards often made in the form of a snake (5), which in richer staves encircled the Lamb of God or the representation of a figure.

Breda was in the i i th century a direct fief of the Holy Roman Empire, its earliest known lord being Henry I.

When in the second half of the i 1 th century the clergy of a great number of collegiate churches were undertaking to live a substantially monastic form of life '(see' Canon), it was natural that they should look back to this classical model for clerics living in community. th Rep. app. pt.

A new combination of chiefs, 01 which Jiafir the Kurd and Mir Alam the Arabian are th i Creasy says the war broke out in 1743, but was terminatec in 1746 by a treaty which made little change in the old arrange ments fixed under Murad IV.

On the of th of August 1862, however, he encountered a forte under Bis Jiavicini at Aspromonte, and, although Garibaldi ordered his in.