Sentence Examples with the word tetroxide

Iodine has no action on osmium, but on warming the tetroxide with a mixture of potassium iodide and hydrochloric acid a deep emerald green colour is produced, due to the formation of a compound 0s12.2H1; this reaction is a delicate test for osmium (E.

An alternative method consisted in passing an electric current through a filament of the tetroxide in a vacuum.

The dioxide, 0s0 2, is formed when potassium osmichloride is heated with sodium carbonate in a current of carbon dioxide, or by electrolysis of a solution of the tetroxide in the presence of alkali.

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Potassium osmichloride, K 2 OsC1 6, is formed when a mixture of osmium and potassium chloride is heated in a current of chlorine, or on adding potassium chloride and alcohol to a solution of the tetroxide in hydrochloric acid.

Pure ruthenium tetroxide distils over.

Potassium osmiate, K 2 0sO 4 2H 2 0, formed when an alkaline solution of the tetroxide is decomposed by alcohol, or by potassium nitrite, crystallizes in red octahedra.

It is also formed by oxidizing bismuth trioxide suspended in caustic potash with chlorine, the pentoxide being formed simultaneously; oxidation and potassium ferricyanide simply gives the tetroxide (Hauser and Vanino, Zeit.