Sentence Examples with the word testimonial

A certificate of conduct while under Temple's roof was required by all the Irish bishops he consulted before they would proceed in the matter of his ordination, and after five months' delay, caused by wounded pride, Swift had to kiss the rod and solicit in obsequious terms the favour of a testimonial from his discarded patron.

For this work Airy received in 1848 a testimonial from the Royal Astronomical Society, and it at once led to the discovery by P. A.

It is not the fortune of many more brilliant statesmen to earn this testimonial to character.

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In the Lawes Testimonial Laboratory there is a vast collection of samples of experimentally grown produce, annual products, ashes and soils.

Of late years progress has been very intelligent; in earlier years it was gained through a multitude of experiments and failures, and great pecuniary loss, and progress was a testimonial chiefly to courage and perseverance.

He was buried in the Marienkirche in Hanover, which had been erected from the money subscribed as a testimonial to himself.

A testimonial to his fidelity written by Henry to the pope on the 8th of November 1460 (Chandler, 346) was written while Henry was in Yorkist hands.

Maury, who had lost nearly his all during the war, settled for a while in England, where he was presented with a testimonial raised by public subscription, and among other honours received the degree of LL.D.