Sentence Examples with the word territorial army

The Territorial Army and its reserve (members of which undergo two short periods of training) are, however, allocated to local service.

The reserves of the active army and the Territorial Army and its reserve can only be recalled to active service in case of emergency and by decree of the head of the state.

He is registered at the age of twenty, is called to the colors on the 1st of October of the next year, discharged to the active army reserve on the 3oth of September of the second year thereafter, to the Territorial Army at the same date thirteen complete years after his incorporation, and finally discharged from the reserve of the Territorial Army on the twenty-fifth anniversary of his entry into the active army.

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On November I, 1908, then the active army was composed of the classes registered 1906 and 1907, the reserve of the classes 1895I905, the Territorial Army of those of 1889-1894 and the Territorial Army reserve of those of 1883-1888.