Sentence Examples with the word terrace

Some of the interior structures and the detached one on the lower southern terrace are in a fair state of preservation.

To E.S.E., border another slightly higher terrace of the same great plateau of north-west Mongolia, upon which Lake Kossogol lies, at an altitude of 5320 ft.

The promenade of Hamilton Terrace commands a fine view of the broad expanse of the Haven with its various towns and forts.

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On this vast upper terrace even the bottoms of the river valleys are at altitudes of 4200 to 5500 ft., with one single exception - the narrow gorge of the Khua (Khi)-khem, or upper Yenisei; while the highest pass across the Tannu-ola Mountains is 7090 ft., though the others are much lower.

The most imposing block of the later building is formed by a group of structures rising from the terrace formed by the old west wall.

When the sea is very smooth visitors may be rowed directly into the cave, but the more usual landing-place is near the Clamshell Cave, where the columns have been worn down until they form a kind of terrace running all the way to Fingal's Cave.

The coal-fields on the eastern side, from the Tyne nearly to the Trent, are sharply marked off on the east by the outcrop of Permian dolomite or Magnesian limestone, which forms a low terrace dipping towards the east under more recent rocks, and in many places giving rise to an escarpment facing westward towards the gentle slope of the Pennine dales.

The glacial origin of the Pamir valleys is everywhere apparent in their terrace formations and the erratic blocks and boulders that lie scattered about their surface.

Opposite the Royal Terrace is an equestrian statue of George III., erected in 1809 in commemoration of his jubilee.

The polygonal terrace wall at the back, on being cleared, proves to be covered with inscriptions, most of them concerning the manumission of slaves.