Sentence Examples with the word tenuous

I knew I would be suborning a lie and allowing a relationship I felt strongly was tenuous at best to move forward into a life commitment.

If he tried to follow a moving automobile, he could sometimes attach himself, if the vehicle was slow or stopped, but the act was tenuous at best.

I didn't know, but it bothered me immeasurably. qqq I'm sure we all felt we were on some ludicrous death watch with Mrs. Abbott holding our future hostage with her tenuous cling to life.

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Sarah broke the silence with a tenuous giggle that evoked a twisted smile from Jackson.

The hypothesis which best explains all the phenomena is that the light is that of the sun reflected from an extremely tenuous cloud of particles having the form and extent described, and becoming more and more tenuous as the earth's orbit is approached until, immediately outside the orbit, it fades into complete invisibility.

In other words, the light may be an exceedingly tenuous cometary tail to the earth, visible only because seen through its very great length.

I had little doubt Quinn would tell Howie, disrupting his tenuous relationship with Julie.

His sole venture at the end of a rope was the prior winter in Ouray's ice climbing park, under even more tenuous circumstances.