Sentence Examples with the word tentatively

It has been tentatively attributed to Richard Poor, who was connected with Tarrant, and was actually a benefactor of the monastery.

In 1857 two Arthurian poems had been tentatively and privately printed, as Enid and Nimue, or the True and the False, to see how the idyllic form would be liked by the inner circle of Tennyson's friends.

The 1st Army, after its long halt at Feng-hwang-cheng, which was employed in minutely organizing the supply service - a task of exceptional difficulty in these roadless mountains - reopened the campaign on the 24th of June, but only tentatively on account of the discouraging news from Port Arthur.

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Neither of these great divisions will well accommodate certain genera allied to Phalaris, for which Brown proposed tentatively a third group (since named Phalarideae); this, or at least the greater part of it, is placed by Bentham under the Poaceae.

She tentatively touched Pierre's outstretched arm.

She tentatively lifted a foot into the front seat, and knew a moment of panic when her sandal heel caught in the hem of her dress.

She put the offending foot on the ground, tentatively applying a little weight, clamping a hand over her mouth to stop the cry of pain.

They all looked up as Edith Shipton tentatively entered the room, dressed in Annie Quincy's antique dress.

Their recollection of his conduct during the congress of Chatillon was the determining fact at this crisis; his professions at Lyons or Paris had not the slightest effect; his efforts to detach Austria from the coalition, as also the feelers put forth tentatively by Fouche at Vienna, were fruitless.

He tentatively moved forward, grasping a branch.