Sentence Examples with the word tensed

Too aware of him, she tensed as he crouched beside her, the scent too potent to be a dream.

He tensed and straightened, then backed her into the wall.

The Black God tensed simultaneously, and Darian's eyes glowed brighter.

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The sobbing, slender creature tensed and covered his head, as if expecting an attack from above.

Recognizing his scent and presence, she nonetheless tensed when she felt Xander's huge hand on her neck.

When Jessi tripped his senses, he tensed so quickly, he nearly leapt out of his seat.

She tensed and waited for him, too, to insult her or boss her around like Romas did before she walked away.

His frame tensed once again, and he breathed in her scent, savoring the way its musky sweetness filled his lungs.

He tensed and glared at her.

He tensed as they stepped through the portal, clutching her against him with one arm, and she blinked.