Sentence Examples with the word tense

She met his gaze, her stomach tense as she steeled herself against the response to her next probing question.

Certainly things had been tense most of the time.

Of the present of ser is eres, which is best explained as borrowed from the imperfect (eras), this tense being often used in Old Spanish with the meaning of the present; alongside of eres one finds (but only in old documents or in dialects) sos, formed like sois (2nd pen.

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His cold gaze was piercing, his frame tense despite her touch.

The Grey God's hoarse, broken voice made Dusty tense as he turned to face him.

Before Fred could reply, or whack her in the mouth, which would have been Dean's first choice, the front doorbell interrupted the tense gathering.

I can talk about Jeff in the past tense now.

General Greene's gruff voice held a tense note.

Another shot pierced the tense darkness, then there was a flurry of movement.

Stretching of the muscles antagonistic to the extensors - namely, of the flexor muscles - reduces the jerk by inhibiting the extensor spinal nerve cells through the nervous impulses generated by the tense flexor muscles.